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Paan Asia : Dasmarinas Royale Village For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Antoinette ₱ 3,200,000 Lot Area: 84 sqm / Floor Area: 78 sqm
Elizabeth ₱ 4,100,000 Lot Area: 84 sqm / Floor Area: 108 sqm
Victoria ₱ 2,300,000 Lot Area: 84 sqm / Floor Area: 57 sqm
Anne ₱ 1,900,000 Lot Area: 84 sqm / Floor Area: 45 sqm
Margaret ₱ 2,400,000 Lot Area: 84 sqm / Floor Area: 65 sqm
Diana ₱ 4,770,000 Lot Area: 84 sqm / Floor Area: 128 sqm
Theresa Townhouse ₱ 1,600,000 Lot Area: 42 sqm / Floor Area: 48 sqm

A reservation fee of Php 20,000 is required from interested individuals. It is valid for thirty (30) days only. Below is a sample computation based from 1.5M Total Contract Price.


Total Contract Price (TCP) PHP 1,532,000
Reservation Php 20,000
20 % Downpayment 306,400

Discount (if any) -
Balance Php 1,225,600


# of months MA # of years MA
24 PHP 11,933.33
5 PHP 33,156.53
12 PHP 23,866.67

Total Contract Price (TCP) Php 1,532,000

Loanable in PAG-IBIG PHP 1,225,600
Equity PHP 306,400

Discount (if any) -

Reservation Php 20,000


# of months MA # of years MA
24 PHP 11,933.33
30 PHP 10,305.51
12 PHP 23,866.67


Benefits of investing in Dasmarinas Royale Village

For those with plans of investing in the breathtaking Dasmarinas Royale Village, they shouldn’t be worried as they stand to benefit more. Apart from affordable modern housing being offered in this residence, it is conveniently located and the homes offer he much needed comfort as they have most of the modern amenities. Here are the benefits explained in detail.

Dasmarinas is the major city in Cavite
The city of Dasmarinas is the major city in Cavite as it has several industries, education institutions, businesses and residential areas. With its closeness to Metro Manila, this has greatly played part to the growth and development of the city. Some of the industries found in this area include: Dasmarinas technopark, First Cavite Industrial estate and DBB-NHA industrial park, among others. So, if you live within this residence, you can get employed in one of the industrial parks or take your kids to one of the excellent schools in Dasmarinas City.

It is conveniently located
A great factor that many property owners take into consideration is the convenience of a place. A nice home is one where one can move in and out with much ease. The Dasmarinas Royale Village estate is a well linked area with different roads that allow easy access. If you don’t have a personal car, there is public transport which you can use to access your serene home. Also, its proximity to shopping centers, schools, worship areas and other entertainment spots makes it to be a nice place to live in.

Offers affordable housing
One of the biggest hurdle that interested buyers of luxurious homes face is their high initial cost. Many property developers create beautiful homes but are way above the reach of many people. Paan Asia Holdings Inc. has done a great job or creating brilliant homes that are still affordable to many. Also, these homes come in different designs that give users an opportunity to select a home of their choice.

Fully furnished homes
In most cases, affordable houses lack some of the lush amenities. But in this breathtaking housing project, the homes are affordable with great amenities that make the lives of dwellers to be interesting and enjoyable. Some of the features found in these units include: vinyl floor tiles, aluminum sliding windows, toilet & bath with water saving shower heads, ceramic floor tiles on living/dining/kitchen/toilet and bath, fiber cement board for interior and exterior ceiling and package with energy monitoring devise.

Latest amenities within the estate
In addition to in-house facilities, the estate offers its inhabitant with modern facilities to make life easier and more interesting with the Dasmarinas Royale Village. These include: swimming pool, basketball court, full landscaping, Gazebo, barbeque pit, cable television facilities, clubhouse, 24/7 security, children’s playground, open parks with lush greenery and telephone outlets. All these features allow the residents of this amazing community to relax, refresh and intermingle with one another in a great way.

How to buy a home in Dasmarinas Royale Village

If you think that you have just landed your dream home in Dasmarinas Royale Village, there is nothing to panic about as the procedure to buy it is very simple and quick. Typically, real estate buying involves lengthy procedures that at times turn off house buyers. Paan Asia Holdings Inc. has simplified things for buyers by coming up with alternative payments for interested buyers. There are three major payment schemes which are as follows: 20, 000 reservation fee, 20% down payment of between 24 and 36 months, and 80% via Pag-Ibig, in house or bank financing. All you have to do is to get in touch with Paan Asia Holdings Inc. to start living your dream. Make a reservation, inspect the house and move in at your own will.

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